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Harry and Meghan: “Oprah who?” – Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, joke about explosive interview | UK News

Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, shed light on Harry and Meghan’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, hinting they didn’t know.

Oprah who? “Edward joked when asked if they had watched the controversial talk with the host of the American talk show, while Sophie replied,” Yes, which interview? “

The couple commented on The Telegraph Magazine, their first interview since Prince Philippefuneral in April.

Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah.  Photo: CBS
Harry and Meghan made a series of explosive statements to Oprah Winfrey during their conversation. Photo: CBS

Speaking seriously, the Countess of Wessex said the royals are “always a family no matter what, we always will be” despite the tensions that have arisen.

And she said it was “good” that she had a “long conversation” with Harry after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, which was his first visit to the UK since he stepped down as royal senior.

Her grandfather’s death came just weeks after her and MeghanWinfrey’s explosive interview, in which they accused the royal family of racism and the institution of not supporting the Duchess while she was suicidal.

In the two-hour conversation, Oprah With Meghan And Harry: A Primetime Special, the couple made a series of explosive statements – including Harry saying prince charles had at one point stopped responding to his calls, and alleging that he had been “trapped” in the royal system “like the rest of my family”.

The Wessexes did not comment further on the interview.

Oprah Winfrey at Harry and Meghan's wedding in May 2018
Winfrey attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May 2018

Speaking of Prince Philip’s funeral, Sophie told the magazine it had been “done beautifully” and with “a minimum of fuss – he wanted it to be.”

The couple said the Queen has “been busy” since her husband’s death, with Edward saying: “Work is not something you can walk away from, it just continues …

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