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Foreign aid cuts: Conservative rebels ‘cautiously optimistic’ about turnaround | Politics News

Conservative Party rebels are “cautiously optimistic” that Prime Minister Boris Johnson could be forced to reverse a cut in foreign aid.

Mr. Johnson has been criticized across the political spectrum for temporarily reducing foreign aid from 0.7% of national income to 0.5%, thereby breaking an overt commitment.

A total of 30 Conservative MPs, including the former Prime Minister Therese May, supported an amendment that would require new legislation to fill the gap left by the reduction in UK official development assistance.

Sir Bob says the decision is "cruel"
Activist Bob Geldof says decision is “cruel”

It will be up to President Sir Lindsay Hoyle to decide whether the amendment is selected for consideration when the bill goes back to the House of Commons tomorrow.

When asked if there were enough rebels, Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, told Sky News’ Trevor Phillips On Sunday: “We are cautiously optimistic, but the reality is that what we’re trying to do here is us. “You’re trying to make sure that Britain’s foreign footprint, this global Britain, really means something.

“I think it’s absolutely vital to make sure we realize our ambitions and our potential.

“The reality is that Britain has a huge opportunity to shape the world at this time of extraordinary flux and that, along with our defense, diplomatic and trade capabilities, is part of it, so I am absolutely committed to making sure that Britain is really great on the international stage. “

It comes as The Sunday Telegraph reports that the rebels have offered to drop their amendment if the government pledges to restore the 0.7% figure next year.

The government blamed the economic damage caused by the COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic for its decision to cut aid spending.

He expects just under £ 10 billion to be allocated to departments for foreign aid spending in 2021-2022.

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