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COVID-19: Ethnically diverse people now represent the highest proportion of intensive care patients since the start of the pandemic | UK News

People of diverse ethnicity currently represent the highest proportion of coronavirus patients in intensive care in the UK since the start of the pandemic.

People living in the most disadvantaged areas of the country have also seen a larger increase in intensive care unit (ICU) admissions in recent months.

And the average age of all intensive care patients has fallen to just under 50 for the first time since March 2020, according to the latest data from the National Critical Care Audit and Research Center.

The total number of people in intensive care with COVID has declined in recent months, but the proportion of people of diverse ethnic origins or living in disadvantaged neighborhoods has increased.

People of various ethnicities made up 50% of all intensive care units coronavirus patients in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in May – double the number last November and higher than the previous peak in August, when the total number of intensive care patients also fell.

A similar trend can be observed for people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.

Dr Charlotte Summers, critical care medicine reader at the University of Cambridge, said the numbers for disadvantaged and ethnically diverse patients are linked.

“It is difficult to separate the two groups because you are more likely to be in a more disadvantaged area if you come from an ethnic minority,” she said.

“It is more likely that there are multigenerational housing in certain ethnic groups, and also deprivation.

“There are higher levels of socio-economic deprivation aligned with areas with high populations of ethnic minorities.”

The average age of people in intensive care with COVID has also dropped rapidly since January, with the launch of the vaccination program, falling from 11 years from March 2020 to 48.8 years.

Dr Raghib Ali, honorary medical consultant in acute medicine at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, said it made sense that more young intensive care patients …

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