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‘Deceived’ Holidaymakers Return From Portugal After Passing Amber List Deadline | UK News

Hundreds of passengers poured into the arrivals hall with relief written on their faces.

They know they barely made it past an important deadline, which means they are free from self-isolation, but in doing so, perhaps out of pocket too.

In some cases, passengers have spent hundreds of pounds on new flights in an attempt to get home before the last call this morning at 4 a.m.

Passengers prepare to board an easyJet flight to Faro, Portugal at Gatwick Airport
The current mood is far from the joy of passengers when restrictions were lifted last month

Danny Humphries and his family of three are one of them.

Danny had accepted the £ 750 for the pre-departure COVID tests as inevitable, but then came the added cost of booking flights a day earlier than expected.

He blames the swiftness of the UK government’s decision to move Portugal to the declining green travel list for the inflated costs and says he feels “cheated”.

Speaking to Sky News after returning from Faro, he said: “When we left we were told nothing would change until June 10.

“And obviously we’re there for our family vacation, then they changed it to the 7th, which just stressed out all the vacations. I feel cheated.”

Danny and his family had no choice but to come home as they couldn’t afford self-isolation while he worked for himself.

“What choice did I have? Who can stay home for 10 days? I’m self-employed, it’s just not doable. My wife couldn’t do it. Almost everyone coming out of there ‘plane is in the same boat. “

Some 10,000 British tourists to Portugal have returned home in recent days.

The queue started early at Faro airport.

Those in line had passenger locator forms and a negative COVID test result handy.

Paul Nevard and his young family booked their vacation in the now Orange Listed country when he was initially given the green light.

He says it’s hard to believe rapid changes won’t happen again.

“I think the trust is gone …

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