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MEPs call for cigarette selling age to be raised from 18 to 21 to end ‘tobacco epidemic’ by 2030 | Politics News

A group of lawmakers called on the government to consider raising the age for selling cigarettes to 21 in order to end the “smoking epidemic” by the end of the decade.

The all-party parliamentary group on smoking and health said the selling age should be raised to 18 amid tighter regulations to prevent children and young people from becoming smokers, as well as to help current smokers to quit smoking.

He is also calling for a “polluter pays” amendment to the health and social services bill to secure funding for a tobacco control program, ensuring that manufacturers pay to end smoking.

In addition, the group is calling for targeted investments to provide additional support to help smokers quit in areas and communities where smoking does the most damage.

This includes people with routine and manual jobs, those who are unemployed, people living in social housing or those who have a mental health problem or are pregnant.

The group’s recommendations were supported by charities and medical organizations.

He warns the government that it can only rebuild “better and fairer” from the COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic by making smoking obsolete.

APPG President Bob Blackman said, “Our report sets out measures that will put us on track to achieve the government’s ambition to end smoking by 2030, but they cannot be implemented. work without funding.

“Tobacco companies are making extreme profits selling highly addictive deadly products, while government coffers are empty because of COVID-19.

“The manufacturers have the money, you have to make them pay to end the epidemic.”

According to the APPG report, its recommendations enjoy wide public support.

More than three-quarters (76%) of the public support the ambition of the 2030 smoke-free government.

Meanwhile, some 77% are asking tobacco companies to pay a royalty or license fee to the government to fund measures to help smokers quit and prevent young people from starting to smoke, …

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