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COVID-19: UK and US task forces to prioritize resumption of transatlantic travel | UK News

The UK and US are setting up a task force to review the resumption of flights between the two countries, a minister said.

Trade Minister Greg Hands told Sky News that Boris Johnson and American president Joe biden will launch a project on Thursday “researching how we can reopen transatlantic travel between the United States and the United Kingdom”.

Mr Hands added that he believed flights between the two G7 countries should resume “as a matter of priority” because of the “important relationship” the two share.

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Boris Johnson arrives in Cornwall for the G7 summit by private plane.  Pic Twitter / @ BorisJohnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden to launch project on how transatlantic travel can resume on Thursday

The UK Foreign Office currently advises against all but essential travel throughout the United States due to the coronavirus risks.

The United States remains on the British government’s Amber List, which means people traveling to and from the country must self-isolate upon arrival for 10 days.

Most passengers from the UK are also currently banned from traveling to the US since the introduction of a presidential decree last March.

On Monday, bosses of airlines that operate flights between the UK and US and London’s Heathrow Airport called for a “corridor” of transatlantic travel.

They said it would be “essential” to ensure the economic recovery of the aviation and travel sectors.

Mr Hands said he agreed it was important for travel between the two countries to resume.

People wearing N95 masks wait at the international airport baggage claim line terminal.  Airplane travelers waiting for luggage from a conveyor belt.
Airlines and London Heathrow Airport bosses called for a transatlantic travel “corridor” on Monday

“Well, we are launching a working group together – the United States and the United Kingdom.

“This is one of the deals that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Joe Biden will launch today, we will be looking at how we can reopen transatlantic travel between the United States and the United Kingdom”, …

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