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DOCTORS treating Covid-19 patients in India have warned of new symptoms associated with the Indian variant that are worrying the UK.

Also known and the Delta variant, the mutation has become the dominant variant of Covid-19 in the UK and conclusive data on the efficacy of vaccines against the variant will be available within the next two weeks according to Matt Hancock.

He told MPs officials are working to come up with the “absolutely critical” figure showing the effectiveness of jabs in reducing serious illness and hospital admissions for the Delta variant first identified in India.

New symptoms identified by doctors in India include gangrene and hearing loss.

The mutation is believed to be the most infectious variant to emerge from the pandemic so far and doctors believe they have identified three new symptoms in India.

Argus: The mutation is believed to be the most infectious variant that emerged from the pandemic.  (PENNSYLVANIA)The mutation is believed to be the most infectious variant that emerged from the pandemic. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Medical experts believe that diarrhea, hearing problems and blood clots that can lead to gangrene have been linked to cases of infection with the Delta variant.

Dr Abdul Ghafer, an infectious disease doctor at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, told Bloomberg how the virus has become more “unpredictable.”

He said: “Last year we thought we heard about our new enemy, but that has changed.

“This virus has become so, so unpredictable. ”

Dr Ghafur also revealed that he is seeing more patients with symptoms of diarrhea compared to the first wave of the pandemic.

Dr Manudhane, a cardiologist in Mumbai, said he now sees at least one patient a week compared to three or four over the past year.

The warning comes a week after the first cases of the deadly black fungus linked to the Delta variant of Covid-19 were reportedly seen outside India.

Chilean and Uruguayan health officials have discovered patients with the deadly black fungus.

Black fungus, better known as mucormycosis, is a serious but rare fungal infection caused by a group of molds called mucormycetes.

The Chilean Society of Infectology said: “Cases of fungal infections have been detected since the start of the pandemic but the frequency has increased and severe cases have increased.”

The Delta variant is believed to be 40% more transmissible than the Alpha variant first seen in Kent which swept across the UK during the winter peak.

The Argus: Matt Hancock says vaccine breaks link between infection and hospitalizations.  (PENNSYLVANIA)Matt Hancock says the vaccine breaks the link between infection and hospital admissions. (PENNSYLVANIA)

But Mr Hancock has previously said the vaccine breaks the previously “strong” link between infections and hospital admissions.

Former Conservative Minister Steve Baker, Harper’s deputy in the Covid Recovery Group, said in a statement: “It’s great to hear from the Secretary of Health that vaccines continue to break the link between infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

“The Secretary of Health confirmed that the available evidence shows that two doses offer 90-95% protection against hospitalization and 95-99% protection against death.

“The vaccines are working and the NHS has done a fantastic job. ”

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