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Sanction offered to Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea et al is a slap in the face for fans of Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds United and others UK News

The self-proclaimed ‘big six’ – they are not among the top six football teams in the country, but among the top six greedy capitalists – were fined £ 22million, roughly the cost of ‘a substitute right-back.

Each? Behave yourself. The six parties will share this cost, which will be distributed like porridge cuts to the proletariat of the lower leagues.

They were also each fined £ 1.5million by UEFA last month, while losing five percent of any income they would have received for UEFA club competitions, a sum that would cap between £ 3.5m and £ 5.5m. For these club owners, it’s cash and no punishment at all.

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Liverpool owner John Henry is the head of one of six clubs to get away with their ESL banter.

You can almost hear the lighters go up in flames, burning the tips of big cigars in the meeting rooms of these mega stadiums. The punishment does not match the crime and as in many areas of life, the powerful who committed the wrongdoing, in the end, knew they would get away with it.

The European Super League and everything it stood for would not have been stopped without the football media machine run by Sky – and leader Gary Neville – making such noise.

Chances are, without these blows to the chest, the protests would not have been as heated, as public perception might have been so strong, that even this The government would have recoiled from the coldest, most capitalist coup ever attempted in this glorious global obsession.

The suspicion is that the only thing they regret is that they didn’t involve Sky in the first place.

For Sheffield fans on Wednesday, what disrupts this distant scam the most is the hypocrisy that accompanied the clubs’ defense against pay-per-view point deductions because “the supporters didn’t want them”.

The six will only see a point deduction offered – up to 30 – for participation in any future Super League product.

Wednesday was relegated for less than the six points they were deprived of last season due to financial misconduct sparked by a blatant disregard for financial rules and an inability to cover their tracks afterwards. No fan “asked for that”.

See also Leeds United fans, Wigan Athletic fans, Bolton Wanderers fans, Coventry City fans, Luton Town fans; those of Plymouth Argyle, Darlington and Port Vale.

Derby County may well be next. Where’s the beating for them?

Of course, the process is different and these have been imposed by different governing bodies.

But seeing the Mightiest walk away from such a despicable act of football betrayal with little more than pocket money stripping and a mark on their fingers is another example of the balance of power in the great companies in 2021. The notion of punishment, for them, does not apply.

Those operating below will continue their quest for survival and eat their porridge. The gap is widening.



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