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Newly trained police dog catches suspect hiding in bush just days after taking office UK News

A police dog was arrested for the first time after finding a fugitive hiding in a bush with less than two weeks on the job.

Police dog Alfie helped arrest a wanted suspect in an assault in Penshaw, Sunderland on Wednesday morning.

The 15-month-old Belgian Malinois had only been qualified for 10 days when he was deployed to support response officers at the scene.

Officers responded to a report that a man caused problems inside an address and then damaged a number of parked vehicles.

Alfie and his manager, PC Stephen Henry, were deployed to help with the search and it didn’t take long to find the K9.

He followed a trail through a wooded area and his nose led him straight into a bush – where the suspect was hiding.

The 20-year-old suspect attempted to jump a nearby fence to escape the clutches of the police dog, but was arrested by police.

Chief Inspector Mick Hall, Northumbria Police Department, said: “The contribution of our canine section cannot be overstated and Alfie is a much appreciated addition to the team.

“He and a number of his siblings qualified just 10 days ago, but they’re already showing their worth and without Alfie we wouldn’t have made such a quick arrest.

“I know PC Henry will make sure Alfie is well rewarded, but as a manager it is crucial to get results like this.

“They are a fantastic team and I know this arrest will be the first of what we hope will be a long and successful career as K9 with Northumbria Police.”

The 20-year-old suspect was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and has since been released under investigation.

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