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COVID-19: PM will advocate for ‘one last uprising’ towards freedom as he is about to delay lifting of lockdown restrictions | Politics News

Boris Johnson will advocate for the nation to make “one last leap” to freedom as he announces a delay of up to four weeks in lifting lockdown restrictions in England.

A government source told Sky News that the prime minister will dash hopes that Freedom Day will come in two weeks, June 21, and that it will be postponed to July 19 instead.

“This is a final uprising,” a high-level source said after the prime minister met with high-ranking ministers and his scientific advisers. “It’s a direct race between the vaccine and the virus.”

Mr Johnson will blame the delay on a third wave of COVID-19[female[feminine infections and say it will allow millions more to get vaccinated and more to receive a second vaccine by the end of July.

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PM calls for caution as COVID cases rise

In addition to a delay in lifting restrictions, giving scientists more time to monitor the new Delta variant, the Prime Minister is expected to announce a desire to speed up the vaccination program.

But the delay means that despite the success of the vaccination program so far, there will be only minor adjustments to the current lockdown rules in England.

According to the prime minister’s likely plan, which will dismay many Tory MPs and business leaders, that would mean:

• Pubs remain limited to table service, despite the start of the Euro football championships;

• The directive that “anyone who can work from home must do so” remains in place ”

• Theaters and other indoor venues will be limited to 50% of their capacity, despite Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s call to reopen;

• Nightclubs will remain closed, but there will likely be a reprieve for weddings, which currently can only accommodate 30 guests.

Four tests to lift the containment
Four tests to lift the containment

The four-week delay was agreed by a group of high-ranking ministers – Mr.

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