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ENGLAND’s football team certainly brought a smile to the fans after the first victory against Croatia.

Thousands of supporters have been allowed to visit Wembley Stadium as coronavirus lockdown rules continue to ease.

And the gloom of the past 15 months has also been lifted here in Sussex, as soccer fans have been able to meet their friends and soak up the sun in pubs and venues.

In Brighton and Hove, pubs across town enjoyed an exceptional day of business on Sunday afternoon as shoppers flocked to enjoy an ice-cold beer while supporting the national team.

Gareth Southgate’s side seemed the better team for much of the game against Croatia, and the best chance of the game was grabbed by Raheem Sterling following a superb run from midfielder Kalvin Phillips.

Argus: Raheem Sterling scored the goal for England.  AP photoRaheem Sterling scored the goal for England. AP photo

Albion fans couldn’t see the loyal Ben White making an appearance, but there would have been something to please them with the first display of the England squad looking to improve their performance in the semi-finals of the World Cup in 2018.

This year Luna Beach Stadium has announced that it will not be broadcasting any matches live on Brighton Beach.

But in Brighton Marina, a large screen has been installed in Marina Square.

The Argus: around a thousand English fans gathered at Brighton MarinaAround a thousand English fans gathered at Brighton Marina

Fans flocked to the site by bus, car and on foot with their English football shirts and flags.

But with half an hour to go, the venue turned out to be so popular that a warning message was posted on Twitter saying there was no more room.

Around a thousand supporters had gathered there and some supporters were told to either leave the area or not be able to enter the square to get a preview of the game.

After a year where many of us were unable to visit family, friends or loved ones, it was also an opportunity to enjoy football at home.

Among these was Hangleton’s Gary Arnold, whose son Jack Arnold had friends to watch the game.

Argus: fans also watched the game at homeFans also watched the home game

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