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Ireland urges Boris Johnson to ‘seriously consider’ option to resolve Brexit protocol tensions | World news

Irish Prime Minister Taoiseach Micheál Martin told Sky News there was “a way” to resolve tensions over the Brexit protocol following US President Joe Biden’s intervention.

He urged Boris Johnson to “seriously consider” a veterinary-style deal with the EU to remove “up to 80% of checks” on goods crossing Britain to Northern Ireland.

President Biden paved the way for what’s known as a sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) agreement by reassuring London that he would not prevent a trade deal between the UK and the US.

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“We will not hesitate to invoke Article 16”

Mr Martin said: “I think the comments from the US administration… are also interesting in that they address an important issue that would concern the UK government, namely the ability to enter into a trade agreement with the states. -United while also having an SPS. agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

“In my opinion this is a legitimate problem for the UK government, but in our opinion an SPS deal would deal with up to 80% of all these problems and I think this is a price that certainly deserves. to be explored as fully as possible. “

He warned that it would be “very problematic” if the UK government acted unilaterally for the third time at the end of this month to extend the grace period for checks on chilled meats.

“It’s not about sausages per se, it’s really about the fact that a deal was made not so long ago … and if there is a consistent, one-sided deviation from that deal, this clearly undermines the broader relationship between the European Union and the United States Kingdom, which is in no one’s interest. “

The taoiseach said he did not view the President’s intervention as a retribution from the British government, but that Mr Biden was “absolutely committed …

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