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BBC in Danger: Fans Tune In to Watch GB News Launch: “End License Fees Forever!” “| United Kingdom | New UK News

The network was created to compete with British news and current affairs channels, including the BBC and Sky. Fans of the channel took to Twitter to greet GB News and alert the BBC to its competition.

A social media user posted: “The BBC is a joke. Entirely here to give GB News a chance and see what it has to offer, but obviously I’m going to comment when they say one thing and do another.

Another Twitter user said: “It’s refreshing to listen to Andrew Neil and the rest of the UK press team, eager to tune into the channel and no longer have the same old slag available from the BBC and the UK. ‘ITV. “

A third person wrote: “I think UK news IS a risk to the BBC.

“I really hope this is the straw that ends the license fees forever.”

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In what appeared to be a dig into the BBC, Mr Neil said: “We won’t forget what the B means in our headline.”

He added: “We are proud to be British. The clue is in the name.

“While we will never refrain from covering up our country’s many flaws and problems, we will not approach every story with the belief that Britain is always at fault, usually to blame when things go wrong, usually unnecessary. . “

Mr. Neil explained that the channel will not be “another echo chamber for the metropolitan state of mind that already dominates the media so much”.

GB News is the first new UK news network in 24 years, since the launch of BBC News 24 in 1997.

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