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Concerned about the environmental damage caused by avocados? “You should only eat tomatoes” Wine News

The CEO of the World Avocado Organization has hit back at claims that avocados are unsustainable and grown by small producers at the mercy of Mexican cartels.

Speaking on the Biting Talk podcast, Xavier Equihua defends the fruit, traditionally grown in Central and South America, saying that “we are the celebrity of the produce world, we are like the Kardashians. Either people love us (the vast majority), but there are some who hate us.

The growth of the avocado market has been amazing in recent years. Little known in the UK and Europe 30 years ago, today in Britain 6000 are sold every hour. But as the fruit has become fashionable and is regularly featured in British kitchens, restaurants and cafes, concerns are growing about its environmental impact.

Critics say avocado cultivation is responsible for deforestation, the destruction of ecosystems and contributes to climate change. One kilogram of avocados requires around 2000 liters of water to grow.

But Equihua disputes these claims.

“The media do a great job of misinforming people about the real story of avocados and water,” he says. “They always compare themselves to the tomato – which is the food that uses the least water – but look at the foods that the typical consumer buys, such as dairy products, beef, chicken, rice and chocolate, which take 10, 20, 30 times as much water to produce as avocados.

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