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Ferrari shames Minister as he replies to Boris’ promise “Why believe him?” | United Kingdom | New UK News

Nick Ferrari has grilled a government minister on LBC over Boris Johnson’s lockdown policy as a delay to the June 21 reopening is expected to be officially announced. Health Minister Edward Argar told Mr Ferrari that restrictions on coronaviruses will be relaxed “very soon”, but will not confirm an extension of Covid rules until the government’s official announcement. Boris Johnson will give a press conference on the coronavirus restrictions later today.

As part of Boris Johnson’s roadmap to get out of lockdown, June 21 had been set as the earliest possible date for all restrictions on social distancing to be lifted.

However, it now seems likely that the current measures will be maintained for several weeks afterwards.

Mr Ferrari criticized Boris Johnson’s government for a “chaotic approach” to Covid restrictions.

After playing a snippet of Boris Johnson’s predictions that things would get better after Easter, he asked Edward Argar: “Why should my listeners believe a word that comes out of his mouth later today, Mr. minister?

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Mr. Argar replied: “Since Easter we have seen very significant improvements in the situation and we continue to see it.

“The key that changed that is that since December we have had vaccines in people’s arms.

“I think it will become something endemic, we will have to live with Covid.

“Zero Covid is not a realistic or practical proposition.

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According to official government figures, 78.9% of UK adults have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

Over 55 percent are fully immunized with two doses.

Prime Minister Johnson said at the G7 summit in Cornwall yesterday that the June 21 easing decision has yet to be made.

He said: “We are continuing to review the data, no final decision has been made, and the right time to let everyone know what we are going to do with the fourth step with June 21 is tomorrow, as I said so. “

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