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COVID-19: Number of salaried employees remains 553,000 below pre-pandemic level | Economic news

The number of people in paid employment remains 553,000 below its pre-pandemic level despite widespread easing of restrictions on coronaviruses, official figures show.

Initial tax data, released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), showed 197,000 more people were on Pay As You Earn (PAYE) in May compared to April, as the economy continued to reopen slowly after the last lock.

The jump was largely driven by the hospitality industry, according to the figures.

They were released hours after Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed his roadmap to the end of COVID-19[female[feminine restrictions in England – scheduled for June 21 – would be delayed for four weeks to July 19.

The move, amid concerns that the fast-spreading Delta variant could overwhelm the NHS, triggered reviews of business groups who warned that it would hurt jobs in sectors such as the hospitality industry.

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Night economy boss warns of impending jobs

They argue that by continuing to limit the number of customers, many operators are unable to make a profit and the Treasury should expand its financial support in accordance with the extended deadline.

ONS data also revealed a 260% increase in accommodation and food service job openings in the three months ending April compared to the previous quarter – in anticipation of a generalized reopening.

Sam Beckett, head of economic statistics at the ONS, said: “The number of salaried employees rose sharply in May, up to nearly 200,000, although it is still down by more than a half. -million since the pandemic struck.

“Job vacancies continued to pick up in the spring, and our early estimates suggest that by May, the total had surpassed its pre-pandemic level, with strong growth in sectors such as …

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