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“I panic every time I see Boris” – Jack Savoretti’s angst as music and culture “sidelined” by COVID rules | Ents & Arts News

Like so many musicians, Jack Savoretti struggles not to be able to promote his new album on the road like he usually would.

His seventh studio album, Europiana, will be released later this month, and although a release has traditionally been followed by a series of live dates, the singer is not expected to tour until March.

Postponed concerts have become the norm since coronavirus epidemic, and with the direct sector hit by even more uncertainty after Boris Johnson’s announcement that restrictions will no longer be lifted on June 21, Savoretti admits he doesn’t appreciate the Prime Minister’s press conferences.

“I have a panic attack every time I see Boris appear on TV,” he told Sky News.

Photo: Chris Floyd
He says the lack of support for the arts is “shocking”. Photo: Chris Floyd

“Everything I thought I knew, he’s probably about to tell me that this all made no sense and that it will be completely different from tomorrow.

“It kind of seems to be his game plan, I think, as let’s wait and see, then I’ll let you know at the last minute what’s going on, which is great for him, but for everyone I think. that it makes it really hard. “

It has been almost two years since the musician last performed with his band, and while he finds it difficult personally, he is far more concerned with the wider impact on the arts and hospitality industries.

“When you look at some of these industries and what they have done financially and culturally, the lack of support they get is something to be ashamed of,” Savoretti said.

“I think the disrespect of a lot of these industries is shocking, especially here in the UK where they are so important, they are so important – probably one of the biggest things we export from the UK is culture is art, it is theater, it is entertainment.

“To kind of get those out of the way, it seems like the industry is getting the least support, that I…

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