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Southwestern Pets and Owners Relish New ‘Dog Ice Cream’ Bath City News

Locally made “dog ice cream” is proving to be a huge hit with local pets and their owners in a Somerset pub as temperatures soar.

Patrons and their dogs at the Prince of Wales pub in Ham Hill, Stoke-under-Hamdon, lapped up jars of Doggy Doggy Yum Yum, made by ice cream company Baboo Gelato in Dorset.

The Prince of Wales Pub is the latest in a long list of dog friendly cafes, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and pubs across the South West to offer Doggy Doggy Yum Yum ice cream.

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Made with peanut butter and bananas that dogs find it hard to resist, this frozen treat uses coconut milk instead of dairy, so it’s gentler on dogs’ tummies.

The ice cream is 100% organic, natural and contains probiotics from live yogurt, vitamins C and B, iron, magnesium, copper and potassium from coconut and bananas.

Baboo Gelato believes Doggy Doggy Yum Yum is the first frozen treat to meet dietary and environmental criteria because it is organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, suitable for vegans, and environmentally friendly as the container is fully recyclable.

It can also be eaten and enjoyed by dogs and humans.

Baboo Gelato was started by the husband and wife team, Sam and Annie Hanbury, after moving to Dorset in 2012 and buying a house with a lush garden and orchard.

Inspired by their fruits, Annie went to Bologna to train in the profession of gelater, before setting up a small home-made kitchen.

They opened their first kiosk in West Bay Dorset and were overwhelmed by the wonderful response from the community.

Local restaurants and pubs wanted their product then; other kiosks wanted to change brands to sell Baboo Gelato and stores wanted them to make ice cream in jars.

The company has since doubled in size every year since then and has now added kiosks in Lyme Regis and Weymouth.

Sam Hanbury said: “A lot of our sales come from our kiosks which help us know exactly what customers want.

“This is how Doggy Doggy Yum Yum was born. We found that people bought ice cream for their dogs and we were concerned that dogs were somewhat lactose intolerant.

“We experimented throughout 2019 with different ingredients, before creating an entirely organic and lactose-free product.

“Although the name Doggy Doggy Yum Yum tells you who the product is for, it is totally suitable for humans and is very popular with our human customers.

“It’s vegan as well as organic, and above all it’s delicious.

“Like all dog treats, this is a frozen treat and should not be taken as a staple diet or supplement.

“We see unlimited demand during the summer, not only from obvious pet retailers and specialty dog ​​locations, but also from regular cafes, pubs, restaurants and tourist destinations.”

James Malcolm, Prince of Wales Pub Head Chef, added: “Doggy Doggy Yum Yum has proven to be so popular with our customers that we have already sold cases of it this summer.

“Our pub is a magnet for dog walkers, so it’s important to provide our canine visitors with a tasty treat that not only tastes great, but refreshes and keeps them cool after a long walk.

“It is also important to treat your dog and since ice cream is a treat all year round, we are delighted to be able to offer such an amazing product as Doggy Doggy Yum Yum Ice Cream knowing that it is lactose free and made in from natural ingredients. “

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