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Chloe Ferry emotional as she leaves luxurious North Tyneside home ahead of her dream move UK News

Chloe Ferry got emotional on Tuesday night as she said goodbye to her North Tyneside home for the last time.

The Geordie Shore star moved into the lavish new build in the Backworth area in early 2020 and wasted no time putting her own stamp on it, with marble tiles in her entryway and kitchen; a huge TV mounted in the living room and a walk-in closet worthy of an A-list star.

Last summer, Chloe set out to transform the back garden into something reminiscent of the Love Island villa, complete with a hot tub, chic sitting area and huge barbecue, then later added her own cinema and bathroom. billiards inside.

It was earlier this year that the 25-year-old revealed she was putting her house up for sale, with a listing for £ 465,000.

Chloe Ferry celebrates after landing £ 1.1million dream home in Newcastle

The online agent’s description of the house said it was “everything you want and ask for a luxurious and inclusive family life”.

And now, Chloe has spent her last night at home as she prepares to move into a dream £ 1.1million property on the outskirts of Newcastle.

Drawing inspiration from her Instagram story, Chloe admitted it was hard to say goodbye, telling her followers, “Wow, wow, wow! I didn’t expect it to be this difficult.

“These are the last five minutes I’m going to spend in this house. I’ll never … never come back.

The magnificent master bedroom of Chloé's house
The magnificent master bedroom of Chloé’s house

“It didn’t really happen that I moved out of here. I can’t really believe it.

“Obviously I’m really excited about the move.”

Chloe then shared a quote that read, “May your next move be a game changer.”

Revealing all the trips to her dream house last week, Chloe said, “I got accepted for my mortgage.”

She added: “Obviously there was a little bit of doubt in my mind, just because I’m getting the mortgage on my own and how expensive it is, but today I got it.

“I’m going to have to open a bottle of wine tonight.

After telling her many fans that it was “5pm somewhere,” Chloe added, “I have to celebrate, honestly, I feel the luckiest girl in the world.

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