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Can your groceries really be delivered in 10 minutes? We put Weezy, Gorillas and Getir to the test Wine News

What cynics might realistically question is: the sourcing, packaging and delivery of my groceries in 10 minutes? How is it possible?

And here’s the catch – most London operations claim to deliver (some paid, some free) throughout the capital (some specify the areas they will be heading to). But in an experiment that involved multiple stopwatches and enough bananas to last a lifetime, I pitted five London-wide apps against which to deliver my groceries fastest and found that none could service my address in Hammersmith (zone 2). Moving further, to Brixton, all five delivered. There is therefore room to improve their range.

To keep things as fair as possible, I ordered a variation of five items from each app: bananas, milk, bread, eggs, and, for an added challenge on a hot day, an ice cream treat. Each shopping list was ordered within five minutes to make sure traffic conditions were similar, and services were timed from the time the order was placed until my doorbell rang.

Tested and approved food delivery apps


Available: London, Manchester

Items ordered: a banana ; a sourdough bread from Boulangerie Bertinet; box of six free-range eggs Bird Roamin ‘; four HG Walter chicken thighs; a Magnum Original ice cream

Shipping cost: £ 1.80

Promised delivery time: 10 minutes

Actual delivery time: 10 minutes sharp

First, Gorillas, a company founded in Berlin, their friendly date rang my doorbell after 10 minutes. The food arrived in a paper bag (no unnecessary plastic) and everything was in good shape and ready to put away.


Available: London, Bristol, Brighton

Items ordered: bunch of bananas; a local bakery baguette; carton of Oatly oat milk; box of six Bird Bros. free-range eggs; a Wall’s Calippo cola ice lolly

Shipping cost: £ 2.95

Promised delivery time: 15 minutes

Actual delivery time: 14 min

Second in the speed stakes goes to London-based app Weezy, which arrived One Minute as part of its 15-minute deposit pledge. Although the delivery charge is £ 2.95 (the highest of those tested), the selection of groceries was impressive – as well as all the stock of top brands available, one can choose from artisanal coffee, burrata and even a selection from William’s House Wines, a wine box company from food critic William Sitwell.


Available: London zones 1-2

Items ordered: bunch of bananas; box of six Clarence Court eggs; a packet of Welsh butter; a loaf of Hovis medium sliced ​​wholemeal bread; a Magnum Double Caramel ice cream

Shipping cost: Free (for new customers; normally £ 1.99)

Promised delivery time: about 10 minutes

Actual delivery time: 15 minutes

The Turkish company Getir keeps its rather vague promise on its website: “we deliver the groceries in a few minutes”, she affirms. Only in the FAQ will you find this specified as “about 10 minutes”. The selection of groceries wasn’t quite the standard of its rivals – no baked goods or Burford Brown eggs – but delivery was free and it came in a convenient lifetime bag.


Available: London

Items ordered: bunch of bananas; a sourdough bread from a local bakery; a carton of Yeo Valley organic milk; box of six Clarence Court eggs; a jar of Jude’s vegan salted caramel ice cream

Shipping cost: £ 1.79

Promised delivery time: 10 minutes

Actual delivery time: 16 min

Dija, a British startup designed by two former Deliveroo employees, was six minutes behind on its demand for a 10-minute delivery. If the delivery isn’t done within 10 minutes, it promises to give you free shipping for three months – provided you raise the issue with them. But, with meat from the Brookfield Farm butcher in Hertfordshire, sustainable seafood from the Sussex company Fish To Your Door, and a wide selection of fresh fruit and veg, it might be worth the wait.


Available: London

Items ordered: a croissant from a local bakery; a punnet of blueberries; a jar of mascarpone; a local bakery baguette; a Space Runner ice lolly

Shipping cost: Release

Promised delivery time: 15 minutes

Actual delivery time: 20 minutes

Jiffy, a London-based company that promises delivery in 15 minutes on average, was the last to arrive in a relatively slow 20-minute timeframe. The somewhat dishonest choice of ordered groceries reflects the fact that at the time of browsing almost all branded household items (bananas, milk, etc.) were out of stock, possibly because it took so long to add my bank details to the app as a result of a few glitches. Other apps, in comparison, went well for creating an account and adding my bank details.

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