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Rebekah Vardy ‘Benefited Financially’ from Disclosure of Coleen Rooney’s Instagram Stories to The Sun, Court Says | UK News

Rebekah Vardy benefited financially after leaking stories about Coleen Rooney to the Sun by receiving a breakdown of commissions and income, the High Court has learned.

Mrs. Rooney, 35, accused Mrs Vardy, 39, for disclosing “false stories” about his private life in October 2019.

This followed a months-long “sting operation” that saw her nicknamed “Wagatha Christie”.

Rebekah Vardy is married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy
Rebekah Vardy is married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy

The wife of former England star Wayne Rooney has claimed that his football colleague’s wife shared fake stories which she posted on her personal Instagram account with the newspaper.

She claimed the stories were about her desire to relaunch her television career, the basement flooding in her new home, and her trip to Mexico to “see what this genre selection is all about.”

Ms Vardy, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, denies the charges and is suing Ms Rooney for libel.

At a hearing on Friday, lawyers for Ms Vardy asked the court to dismiss part of Ms Rooney’s defense, arguing it would save time and money.

This included allegations regarding Ms Vardy’s close relationship with The Sun and the benefits she allegedly received.

Hugh Tomlinson QC, on behalf of Ms Vardy, denied that she wanted to throw them out because they would be embarrassing to her.

He argued that the central question was whether Ms Vardy was leaking any posts on Ms Rooney’s Instagram and that the other issues would not be necessary.

Most of the allegations made by Ms. Rooney’s lawyers have been disputed and dismissed, he added.

He said: “Even though it was established that the Claimant has an ‘exceptionally close relationship’ with The Sun, that it has given her positive coverage, that she has a history of self-promotion or that she is the” Secret Wag “, does not mean that it is more likely than not that the plaintiff regularly informed The Sun of the private publications of the defendant.”

Ms. Rooney objected to this decision.

Coleen Rooney made the allegations in October 2019. Photo: AP

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