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Brexit news: Lord Adonis hails “big step forward” in campaign to force return to EU | United Kingdom | New UK News

The by-election victory over the Tories in the constituency of Chesham and Amersham was hailed by Lord Adonis as a radical change of attitude. In the June 17 by-election, Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Green won 56.7% of the vote and Conservative candidate Peter Fleet lagged behind with 35.5%. UK European Movement President Lord Adonis was referring to the Liberal Democrats ‘surprise victory in the Chesham and Amersham by-elections when he tweeted:’ The campaign to join the EU has just taken a big step forward. forward after the by-elections last night. . “

However, some analysts say voters were swayed by the Liberal Democrats in the by-elections due to local issues rather than Brexit.

One of the main issues debated in the by-election was the government’s plan to build the new HS2 rail link through the Chiltern Hills.

Other analysts point to deeper feelings, due to the fact that Liberal Democrat Sarah Green won a majority of 8,028, which overturned a seat held by the Tories since 1974.

Poll guru Professor John Curtice reacted to Chesham and Amersham’s victory by pointing out that most of the constituency’s citizens voted to stay in the EU.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today show, he said: “The result has been a combination of the constituency’s inclination to stay and a number of local issues, HS2, planning.”

He added: “Labor voters, who are of course the majority of the remainder voters, were quite happy to switch to the Liberal Democrats.”

Lord Adonis was ridiculed for suggesting he was overreacting after the Liberal Democrats’ victory in Chesham and Amersham.

A Lord Adonis Twitter follower responded with a sarcastic tweet and said: “Yes, the Lib Dems going from 11 to 12 seats are going to make all the difference.

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However, a Lord Adonis Twitter follower backed him up and said: “Absolutely right Andrew.

“The tide has definitely started to turn.

“Reality would always kick in eventually.”

After the victory, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said his party’s victory in Buckinghamshire sent “shock waves through British politics”.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats said it was a “record breaking” victory and part of a tendency to beat the Tories in the south.

He said it was the start of a trend and pointed to recent local election gains for the Liberal Democrats in Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Wiltshire.

Mr Davey, speaking to the BBC’s Today program, said: “People feel the Tories are out of touch, they don’t listen to places like this, they take them for granted. “

The Conservative Party explained that its loss was due to the fact that “byelections are always difficult for the party in power” to win.

Conservative President Amanda Milling said “the work begins now to show how it is the Conservatives who can meet the people’s priorities and win back their support.”

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