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Father’s Day: Thousands of ‘funny’ dads submitted their best dad joke yet. It was the winner | UK News

The world’s best daddy joke can come to light after thousands of “funny” dads faced off in a competition that wasn’t all about laughter.

Over 2,700 gag-loving dads submitted their best – or worst – jokes on Father’s Day.

#BestDadJokes was all the rage on Twitter as dads battled to win the Aldi Mamia Best Dad Joke contest.

Daddy jokes are popular with grandfathers too
Daddy jokes are popular with grandfathers too

Stand-up comedian Mark Watson was drafted to judge the competition and chose Austin May, a father of two, of Bedworth, Warwickshire, as the big winner.

His winning joke was:

I once rented a limo, but when it arrived the guy driving it left!
I said “Excuse me? Aren’t you driving me?”
The guy told me that the price does not include a driver …
… So I had spent £ 400 on a limousine and had nothing to drive it!

Some of Mark’s other favorite entrees included:
• Why did the man fall into the well? Because he did not see well!
• What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday? “Yes Matey!”
• Someone stuck my deck of cards together – I don’t know how to deal with it.
• What do you call a zombie who cooks stir-fry? Dead man working
• I was wondering why the frisbee was looking bigger and bigger, then it hit me
• I was behind a customer at an ATM and he turned around and said “can you check my balance? – so I pushed him. His balance was not that good.
• Why did the scarecrow receive an award? Because he was standing in his field!
• What did the buffalo daddy say to his son when he left for work? Bison
• Two guys walked into a bar. The third guy dodged.
• What is a blind dinosaur called? A doyouthinkhesaurus!

Men Across the Country to Share Their Father's Jokes on Father's Day
Men Across the Country to Share Their Father’s Jokes on Father’s Day

Explaining what makes the perfect dad joke, Watson said, “The perfect dad joke has to be evenly cringe and…

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