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GB News Boycott: ‘Extreme’ Culture Activists Cancel Beaten As Businesses Forced To Turn Back | United Kingdom | New UK News

GB News was the subject of a widespread boycott in the first week of its broadcast, with several companies withdrawing advertising from the new channel. Following harsh criticism from President Andrew Neil, presenter Nigel Farage has confirmed that some companies have already flip-flopped their decision. The GB News host said: “We have seen a number of businesses being bullied online by these extremist activists.

“These companies that say, ‘Oh, my God, we’re going to have to get out of advertising for GB News.’

“I’m happy to say that over the past two or three days, several of these companies have said they are now rethinking.

“But it really represents the cancellation of culture at its worst, worst.”

Guest guest Dehenna Davison, Member of Parliament for Bishops for Auckland, agreed with Mr Farage that the “culture cancellation” movement was of particular concern, as calls for a boycott had started long before GB News had even started broadcasting.

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Ms Davison said: “The key point you raised there was that people called for a boycott of GB News four months before any show started, before they knew who would be one of the presenters, before they knew the program format, before knowing the topics that would be discussed here.

“It shows that there is definitely an ideological narrative out there, an ideological motive behind their actions.

“And I think it’s actually really sad to see the social media teams of these companies panicking on Twitter which as we know is a complete reflection of real life…

“It’s a channel that has been fully endorsed by Ofcom, is regulated by Ofcom, has a wide range of presenters and views.”

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“I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with some of the things GB News commentators have to say – just like a lot of people disagree with what they see and hear on the BBC, Sky News or any other media.

“But if you don’t like these ideas, change – don’t shut up.

“We shouldn’t be blocking people out of the conversation just because we don’t agree with them.”

IKEA and Vodafone both said they could resume advertising after a review.

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