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Inside the massive trucks that are now luxury vacation homes in Somerset with king-size beds Bath City News

There is a saying that the determined like to use once in a while: “keep rolling”.

However, you don’t have to travel further than the magnificent views of Chew Valley Lake to find the perfect wheel set, guaranteed to be the ideal ‘get away from it all. ”

Depending on the size of your party, you can choose to stay in “Big Red” or “The Green Room” – two converted trucks, the latter being one with a difference.

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Located in the scenic surroundings of Herons Green Farm, these trucks have long retired from the busy highways of life and are now nestled in their own individual surroundings with no time indicators on them.

With just the company of silence, interspersed with some of the local wildlife, what better place could there be to pass the minutes, hours, and days – as long as you don’t mind the attached composting toilet.

Both are a short drive from the coast, Wells and Glastonbury, as well as close to Bristol for those wishing to reconnect with society.

Big Red is a former mountain rescue vehicle converted into a tourist house that has already traversed the Sahara Desert and toured festivals.

However, with the recent lockdown restrictions, it has found its way to Herons Green Farm and has been fitted with a king bed, a kitchen with a suitable oven, and an en-suite shower. The composting toilet is a short walk outside and there is also a covered patio with barbecue.

Meanwhile, if you want to bring the family or a few friends to kick back and relax, the new Green Room might be the best choice which can accommodate six people.

Described by the travel agency Canopy & Stars, this space is “without a doubt a unique creation”.

The ad reads: “It was painstakingly assembled from parts of a ’70s showman van, a sliding firefighter’s locker room, a Mercedes moving van and a track laying truck. 4×4 from the 90s.

“In addition to a living room with folding doors that open onto a terrace, a thick leather sofa and a kitchen with a suitable oven, three king-size beds have been installed thanks to ingenious engineering. ”

Unlike Big Red, the Green Room has a proper bathroom with a flush toilet and a shower for those who are perhaps a little “fussy” about shoveling sawdust.

Both facilities are solar powered and guests are also advised to bring their own torch and appropriate footwear. The two are in separate locations so you have complete privacy.

Herons Green Farm is within walking distance of several pubs if you need a liquid refreshment, so what more could you want to soak up the Somerset countryside and watch the sunset under the stars?

For more information and to book a stay in this unique location, click here.

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