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Likewise, both cars share an advanced Adaptive M suspension, carefully tuned to deliver similar interpretations of BMW’s distinctive M character: precise, grippy, and confidence-inspiring handling that’s thrilling on any road, but really takes track life.

A sound soliloquy for six

After a few warm-up laps, Paul and Colin are suitably impressed with their first glimpse of the new BMW M models. “The power of the inline six is ​​so impressive,” says Colin at the release of the BMW M3 Competition. “Likewise, it’s so light, responsive and grippy that it feels glued to the road. Even for someone used to racing car performance, the BMW M3 has it all. I couldn’t imagine needing to go any faster.

Paul, who heated the tires of the BMW M4 Competition with a succession of smoke drifts, describes another BMW M sensation that is central to his DNA.

“It’s the sound of that inline six that does it for me,” Paul admits. “When the engine is running and you have the tail out, there aren’t a lot of other cars that you can drift over such big angles, with big throttle and that six cylinder note. When you have this you absolutely know you are in a BMW M car.

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