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COVID-19: Nicola Sturgeon accuses Andy Burnham of “spawning” with her over Greater Manchester travel ban | UK News

Nicola Sturgeon has accused Andy Burnham of “generating a feud” with her over the recently imposed travel ban in Greater Manchester in Scotland, as the political fallout continues.

the Greater Manchester the mayor said the Scottish prime minister was “discourteous” and “insulting” to announce the new rules on Friday without any prior warning.

But Mrs. Esturgeon replied by saying that she had “the duty to keep Scotland as sure as possible “of coronavirus and only does its job.

“If he wants a grown-up conversation, he just has to pick up the phone,” she told Sky News on Monday.

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Sturgeon “insults” Mancunians – Burnham

“I’ve always got along well with him, but if it’s more about generating a feud with me over positioning in some sort of Labor leadership contest in the future, then I’m not interested. . “

Mr. Burnham said the accusations of political posture were unfounded and that he too only acts in the best interests of his residents under decentralized administration.

“Shouldn’t she have picked up the phone?” he said.

“It is very discourteous, not to me, but to the people of Greater Manchester that it be done in this way.”

He said he had received emails from residents who lost “thousands of pounds” as a result of the decision.

People have had to cancel vacations in the Highlands and businesses with links to Scotland have been hit, he added, saying Ms Sturgeon’s actions are an “insult” to them.

“I will send the Prime Minister all the emails I have received,” he said.

“The SNP is always the first to say ‘the Westminster government did something to us and didn’t tell us about it first’.

“Well, we are also a decentralized administration here in Greater Manchester – we have a decentralization of Westminster – so you would expect there to be a…

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