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COVID-19: Social distancing and masks here to stay as new ‘inevitable’ variants, expert says | UK News

Social distancing and mask wearing are here to stay as new variants of COVID-19 will continue to emerge and be “bothersome”, according to an expert.

David Nabarro, special correspondent on coronavirus for the World Health Organization, said that more strains are “inevitable”.

It comes as India said on Tuesday that the new Delta plus variant recently discovered in the country is concerning and that nearly two dozen cases have been detected in three states.

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Speaking to Sky News, Dr Nabarro said that “the problem with variants is what we are looking at all over the world” and that they “will keep coming”.

“We’ll go from Delta to Lambda and then to other Greek letters, that’s inevitable, and some of those variations will be troublesome,” he said.

“They will be able to break through the vaccine-related protection in a few people and that will be problematic.”

He added: “I’m basically saying that the variants are going to keep coming. It’s part of life, we have to get them back quickly, we have to act quickly if we see them in a certain place, we have to build the variant management in. what we call our COVID-ready strategy, which will be the model for the foreseeable future. ”

Due to new strains, Mr Nabarro suggested that wearing the mask and keeping away would still be necessary for areas with high infection.

He said it was necessary to “maintain the defenses against the virus to prevent it from emerging more and more, and that will be life to come, at least until there is enough vaccine and enough certainty, to be sure that the vaccination will protect us. At the moment, we cannot say that. “

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Dr Nabarro said we will need to continue social distancing as well as the use of vaccines “as part of our defense” against COVID-19, especially in virus hot spots.

He suggested that workplaces should also …

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