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PMQS: Prime Minister apologizes to rape victims for delays in seeking justice as Sir Keir Starmer says convictions ‘drop’ | UK News

Boris Johnson has apologized to rape victims and survivors for the delays they faced in seeking justice.

It came as Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer warned the Prime Minister that rape convictions “have fallen on his watch”.

Sir Keir wondered why 98.4% of rape cases now lead to no charges.

Sir Keir Starmer at PMQ
Sir Keir Starmer said rape convictions fell under Prime Minister’s watch

The Prime Minister said he had “fought” for tougher measures against sex offenders during his tenure as mayor of London and would continue to do the same.

His apology follows those of Justice Secretary Robert Buckland last week after a big government report published earlier in June estimated that something seriously went wrong in the criminal justice system regarding rape.

Turning his six questions to PMQs focusing on the low rate of rape convictions as a result of the report, Sir Keir said: “Under the Prime Minister’s watch, rape convictions are at an all time high, the backlog of Courts are at an all time high, victims are waiting longer as justice and criminals are getting away with it.

“It was not inevitable, it is the cost of a decade of Tory cuts and even now the government is not showing the urgency and ambition needed.”

Analysis, Beth Rigby, Political Writer

Boris Johnson has apologized in PMQs, but following his exchange with Sir Keir Starmer Labor say he must make another.

The Prime Minister was asked if he would follow the Justice Secretary and Home Secretary in apologizing to rape victims who have been abandoned by the system.

Mr Johnson duly did so and explained what the government was doing to address the low conviction issue, but he quickly returned to criticism of Sir Keir.

As he came to the end of his answer, he said “while they chatter we jab, while they procrastinate, we deliver”.

It was…

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