The cost of sponsoring a tree in Brighton and Hove is soaring Brighton News

A COUNSELOR questioned the increasing cost to communities wishing to sponsor a tree on their street.

Conservative Councilor Robert Nemeth has requested a report on charges for street trees after first questioning a fee increase from £ 400 to £ 5,000 per tree in March.

In his neighborhood, previous tree planting projects had transformed Stoneham Road and Marmion Road, making them “richer in biodiversity,” he told the environment, transport and sustainability committee on Tuesday.

For community groups who save, he said, it was frustrating after the fees were “multiplied by ten.”

He is also frustrated by the lack of response to inquiries about funded projects for trees in Stoneham Park, Portland Road, Mainstone Road and School Road.

Cllr Nemeth said: ‘The great injustice however is a program that residents have paid for at Glebe Villas where they now hear on the vine that council fees have dropped from £ 10,000 for around 20 trees to £ 100,000, this that’s never going to happen.

“Funds have been raised, locations have been planned, action has been taken by council, but fees have increased by £ 90,000.

“The £ 10,000 the residents raised earns them two trees, which is just laughable.”

The involvement of residents is coming to an end and an injustice must be corrected, he said.

Speaking outside the meeting, Cllr Nemeth said Andrew Nichols of the Hove Civic Society had described the increased costs as a “major stumbling block” that would undermine community participation.

He also said that Lara Rix-Paradinas, of Glebe Villas, who had worked for three years to plant trees along the street, described the rising costs as a “death knell” for any community trying to collect funds. funds for trees.

The Argus: Councilor Nemeth denounced the rising cost of sponsoring treesCouncilor Nemeth denounced the rising cost of sponsoring trees

Green Councilor Amy Heley, who chairs the Environment, Transportation and Sustainability Committee, supported Cllr Nemeth’s call for a report of indictment as a similar situation had occurred in her neighborhood, Preston Park.

She said: “I understand the frustrations of the residents. I am told that historically there has been much less interest in residents donating street trees and that the previous method used was of poor quality and low cost.

She said the council’s £ 15,000 tree planting budget was not enough with high demand and improved planting.

Planting on the highways required the inclusion of anti-root barriers and repairing damage from previous trees, she said.

Underground infrastructure, such as power cables and water pipes, were also cited among the reasons for the higher price, as they may need to be relocated to protect them from the roots.

Cllr Heley said the green administration had offered £ 200,000 for new street trees and offered to meet with residents of Glebe Villas to talk about the trees.

Union adviser Gary Wilkinson also supported Cllr Nemeth.

He said: “I think it’s safe to look at community groups who have secured funds to plan trees and now feel like they’re being penalized in one way or another.

“We need to protect the funding they have provided so far.”

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