2021 UK Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport 45 review Car News

No self-respecting manufacturer these days passes up the opportunity to whip us a special anniversary, no matter how thin that anniversary may be.

Forty-five years is odd, it has to be said, although Volkswagen has celebrated the anniversary of the Golf GTI in reliable five-year increments since the 30 edition of 2007 and some of these stages have been excellent, we therefore welcome another attempt.

There is, however, something that needs to be addressed early on. At £ 39,980, this new car – called Clubsport 45 – is not only the most expensive Golf GTI ever made, but it’s also more expensive than the current Golf R and not exactly cheap.

It’s the Golf R which makes 20 hp more than the 2.0-liter EA888 Evo4 turbo petrol engine that the two cars share, and which drives not only its front axle but also the rear, which is now equipped with packs. clutch that really cranks up the 316 hp flagship. dynamic play of the model. So even with VW’s own ranks, £ 40,000 is an asking price that ensures many people will view the idea of ​​ownership of the Clubsport 45 as a non-starter.

The extras you get for your money are an Akrapovic titanium exhaust, 19-inch ‘Scottsdale’ wheels, a sporadic ’45’ branding, as well as a metallic black finish for the exterior mirrors and heavy rear spoiler. . Thin pickings, one would think, if the donor was the regular GTI.

However, as the name suggests, the new car is based on the GTI Clubsport, which is a more seriously developed proposition, and which we love. Under the appearance of Clubsport, not only does the GTI get 296 hp instead of 242 hp, but the new suspension springs also lower the car, the front camber is increased not only by geometry adjustments but also with new parts, and the rear axle is tuned to be more mobile.

Factor in a more aggressive e-diff up front and Golf R brakes and the Clubsport recipe is appealing. Alas, there’s no manual option, but the current seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is incredibly efficient whether you’re carpooling or calling for higher gear changes.

Other than the exhaust, the 45 is no different in mechanical terms from the normal Clubsport, although its speed limiter has been removed, which pushes its V-max to 166 mph, down from 155 mph. The 45 also doesn’t come standard with VW’s adaptive DCC dampers (fitted on this test car), nor with a rear view camera, nor even with the leading Discover Navigation Pro infotainment system. These three options alone bring the asking price to over £ 42,500.

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