Meghan Markle investigation alleged bullying will be paid for in private Brighton News

The investigation into the Duchess of Sussex’s alleged bullying is being privately funded by the Royal Family, he revealed.

Buckingham Palace declined to confirm whether it was the Queen who footed the bill, but said no taxpayer money was being spent on the investigation.

It is likely that a senior member of the royal family has covered the costs, but it is not known when or even if the privately funded survey will be released.

Clarence House declined to say whether the Prince of Wales was paying for the investigation.

When the palace released its sovereign grant financial accounts, details of the ongoing investigation were to be included in the annual report, but were not.

The palace said earlier this year that any changes in policies or audited procedures would show up in the accounts.

But a senior palace source said: “There is no sovereign grant money spent on this review. He is satisfied in private and not with public money. ”

The source declined to confirm whether the investigation would be released, saying, “I have nothing more to add while this review is ongoing.

“I have not seen the results of the independent lawyer review, and cannot comment further at this point.”

The Royal Household has tasked an outside legal team to help its human resources team investigate the allegations against former Suits star Meghan.

The Times reported in March that the Duchess had allegedly kicked out two personal assistants and “humiliated” staff on several occasions, which she denies.

The palace declined to give further details on why the decision was made to pay privately for the HR investigation.

It is believed to be the first time the actions of a member of the Royal Family have been investigated by the Royal Household’s Human Resources Department.

The Sussexes were not to be asked to contribute to the review, but it was previously reported that the Duchess wrote to the palace asking for documents, emails or texts relating to the allegations against her.

Lawyers for the Duchess have denied the bullying allegations.

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