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‘No place to hide’: Palace admits it needs to do more on staff diversity | UK News

Buckingham Palace said they “needed to do more” to increase the diversity of their workforce after first publishing their numbers of ethnic minorities.

The royal household revealed in its annual financial accounts for 2020-2021 that its proportion of employees of various ethnic origins stands at 8.5%, with a target of 10% for 2022.

The percentage in the UK as a whole is around 14% according to a 2018 government-commissioned racial disparity audit.

In March, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex accused the royal family of racism in their Interview with Oprah Winfrey. But palace sources have pointed out that the changes in household strategy in favor of diversity predate Meghan and Harry’s claims.

Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey airs on Sunday Pic: CBS
Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey ruffled feathers Pic: CBS

A senior palace source said the household released the figures so that there is “no place to hide” and that they are held accountable if no progress is made in the future.

“We are not where we would like to be despite our best efforts,” the source said. “It’s not that we haven’t advanced diversity and inclusion initiatives during this time, it’s just that the results haven’t been what we would like.

“We have ongoing engagement with outside advisers, local organizations that sit on our steering committee, people who can give us a different voice, a different perspective. And we recognize that we need to do more.

“One of the key points about publishing our statistics, which is actually on a voluntary basis, is that there is no place to hide. We fully expect you to come back and hold us back. responsible for the progress we have made. And if we do not make progress, we will have to explain why. “

The source said the release of the numbers, which were previously monitored internally, was an “important …

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