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119-year-old champagne house president bans gift boxes to reduce carbon footprint Wine News

A major champagne producer is asking his industry to stop selling its bottles using gift boxes.

For years, premium brands – from Dom Perignon to Veuve Cliquot – have shipped bottles in elaborate, expensive boxes to attract more customers and add extra sparkle to their bubbles.

But now Ludovic Du Plessis, president of 119-year-old Telmont champagne house, has announced the ban on these lavish adornments.

‘We will stop [producing] all gift boxes, ”he announced in the latest edition of the Biting Talk podcast. “We’re going to sell the bottle and just the bottle. We believe that we do not need gift boxes in the champagne industry. By stopping gift boxes, we will reduce our carbon footprint. ‘

Du Plessis, who also states that “Telmont is the most sustainable champagne today”, adds that at a time when only 3% of champagne brands were organic, it was converting “100% of our estate to organic farming”, in addition to facilitating the use of transparent bottles (of which only 20% is recycled glass) and ensuring that all electricity used for the business comes from renewable sources.

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This notice was published: 2021-06-25 14:00:00

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