Revue Revology Mustang Bullitt 2021 UK Car News

The new steering column adjustment also means you can be reasonably comfortable on long journeys, although the seats are shortened in the classic style and therefore don’t offer much absolute support. Ergonomically, it’s almost there, but not quite.

The only serious change to the cabin architecture is the tall and wide transmission tunnel, and Revology’s range of machined aluminum controls, modern dials and beautiful wooden steering rim blend well with the remnants of the ’60s Mustang. The door cards and dashboard are also cleverly done, and while the fit and finish is inferior to what you’ll get from Singer, it’s a street ahead of any. Vintage mustang. As well as you would expect, for something that costs as much as a Bentley Continental GT V8, even before import and shipping fees.

As for the drama, this car brings a lot. In the underground car park behind the central London premises of Clive Sutton – the specialist in importing Revology products, and himself in the Mustang conversions game – the engine starts instantly and settles into a recognizable modern but idle throbbing and deafening. Mixed with the ambience straddling the cockpit era and the large hood stretching out in front of you, the noise doesn’t lift neck hair so much as it applies electrodes directly to your neck and increases tension. . What an event.

On the road, you don’t get the same syncopated sneer as the big-block V8 of yore, but you don’t get the same rudeness, either. The sympathetic Coyote is a smooth, rev-hungry unit, and while there is something agricultural about the gear changes, with 434 hp rather than the stock 270 hp, once the right cog is found, the lazy initial acceleration becomes powerful.

Working under the classic bodywork, the chassis also unexpectedly absorbs the road. It is a car that is easy to place and can be guided at your fingertips. Less impressive is how awkwardly quick the modern steering rack sometimes feels, and handling is generally inert. You get the Mustang’s signature understeer balance, which tends to persist until you take off from the middle of the turn and then start it. (Today we leave those suspicions unconfirmed.)

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