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Sheffield schoolgirl stands out from the crowd as she prepares to donate hair to charity while raising money UK News

Bethany Devey, 10, has beautiful hair that runs down her back and down to her thighs.

In a courageous gesture for the Shiregreen youth, she is to donate 2 feet of it to the Little Princess Trust, which provides free wigs to children and youth who have lost their hair due to cancer and other conditions.

Bethany, who attends Beck Primary School, is raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital as an added incentive for her to go get the chop and has raised over £ 600 so far.

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Bethany Devey gets her hair cut to raise money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital. She plans to donate her locks to the Little Princess Trust, which donates wigs to children who are losing their hair

An online fundraising page has been created for those who wish to support Bethany.

The youngster hopes to have her hair cut next month.

Her mother, Julie Fabian, said: “My daughter decided to cut her long hair, it is almost 3 feet long and she will donate 2 feet or maybe more to the Little Princess Trust while collecting so much. money as possible for Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

“She’s got her shoulders cut off, she’s so brave. She’s really excited and nervous at the same time. She always wanted to do this and has been growing her hair for about five years because she wanted to donate it, it’s just something she always wanted to do.

Her mom added: “She broke her leg a few years ago and while waiting to be seen at the children’s hospital, she saw a lot of children who were not doing very well and some who had. lost their hair. She asked me why and I told her that some children get sick and the hospital heals them and she said when she is older and her hair is really long, she will help the hospital to treat the children. and share her hair with them. Then a friend of her class, their cousin died of cancer, which made her want to do it even more.

Click here to donate to support Bethany’s efforts.

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