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Woman hits ‘shabby and dirty’ Bath after lockdown Bath City News

A woman wrote to the Bath Chronicle to express her shock at how “seedy and dirty” the city has become after the lockdown.

Jo Holder moved to Bath around 25 years ago and said she felt “proud, lucky and privileged” to call her home.

However, after 18 months of avoiding the city due to the coronavirus pandemic, she recently arrived on her day off and was appalled at what she saw.

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Ms Holder wrote: “After parking at the upper end of Bath I slowly wandered down Milsom Street towards Marks and Spencer etc.

“I have to say that I was very shocked, saddened, disappointed and angry with what I saw.

“I can only say that our amazingly beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath looked shabby, dirty and very neglected. On behalf of the visitors all around me, I can only say that I have ashamed. “

She went on to list her complaints, adding: “The paved area between the abbey courtyard and the shops was covered in bird droppings, as were the trash cans and even the facade of the Roman Baths themselves.

“Weeds grew between them, cigarette butts and generally seemed neglected and neglected.

“A few shops in the row directly across from the abbey courtyard had closed and there was rubbish, food waste, bird droppings, etc. in the doors.

“Other stores were closing their doors and had windows sealed with cheap ‘50% off sale closing’ signs.”

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Ms Holder also said that the signage on the street was “dilapidated, dilapidated, postmarked and certainly did not correspond to the status of a city of Bath”.

She recommended a “regular jet wash” for the paving and planters to “improve its appearance.”

The Bath woman added: “I fully understand that retailers are suffering right now, but may I suggest that all stores that have closed near major Bath attractions be ‘decorated’ with posters designed to showcase the neighborhood.

“May I also suggest that all stores adjacent to ‘areas of special interest’ be formally required to follow a code in terms of point of sale / signage etc.

“We don’t want Bath to look like a cheap street market – especially near historic sites.”

Ms Holder concluded her letter by comparing Bath to Cirencester, which she visited on the same day.

She said: “Coincidentally, I visited Cirencester the same evening and was struck by the contrast in terms of cleanliness and general maintenance.

“I appreciate that Cirencester is on a different scale in terms of size and number of visitors etc. However, I think the general principles are the same.

“The paved area outside the Abbey was immaculate, the street furniture and signage was immaculate and the whole area looked well-groomed, appreciated and loved. This is in stark contrast to the area of ​​Bath in which I live. was arrested earlier today. “

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