Covid-19: Weekly cases increase by almost 60% in Brighton and Hove Brighton News

CORONAVIRUS cases in Brighton and Hove have increased by almost 60%, according to the latest weekly figures.

The latest data available through Friday, June 25 shows that there have been 537 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the city, which is a 59% increase from the previous week and equates to a weekly rate of 184.6 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The infection rate is higher than the South East rate of 88.1 per 100,000 and the England rate of 149 per 100,000.

This means Brighton and Hove continue to have one of the highest rates in the South East region.

The city council said cases were increasing fastest among those aged 15 to 29, but there was also an increase in all age groups except those over 60.

Cases are increasing in all parts of the city, but the number of people requiring hospital treatment remains very low.

Alistair Hill, director of public health, urged everyone to get vaccinated if they haven’t and to continue to have regular tests twice a week.

He said “about half” of people between the ages of 18 and 39 in the city were still unvaccinated.

Mr Hill said: “First and foremost, we need anyone who has not had their first vaccine to get one as soon as they can.

“Anyone 18 years of age and over can now be vaccinated. If you haven’t received your first dose, book online now or attend one of the walk-in sessions at Hove Lawns, church. St Peter or at the racecourse this weekend.

“It won’t take a long time in your day and I also urge employers to make sure your staff can make time to get vaccinated quickly.

“It will benefit you as a business because you need a healthy workforce, and it will also benefit your customers.

“We need to keep testing so people with Covid can self-isolate and stop transmission.

“The vaccination program is still being rolled out and we need to prevent the development of new variants that could be more transmissible or make vaccines less effective.

“Please don’t go out if you have symptoms, if you have tested positive, or if you are in close contact with someone who has it. You need to stay home, take a test, and save socializing for another day.

“With the increase in cases, it is increasingly important to make sure that we are not spreading Covid without realizing it. Continue to do symptom-free tests twice a week, especially if you are going to work or meeting friends.

‘If you test positive for the Covid test, there is financial assistance of up to £ 500 if you lose your salary by having to self-isolate, as well as practical or welfare support from our community center during that you can’t work. ”

Mr. Hill also reminded people to follow the tips for safe socializing.

He said national trends show Covid rates are rising in places where more young people live which are also tourist destinations – posing a “very real and serious” challenge for Brighton and Hove.

He said: “There are so many interesting and varied places to eat and drink in the city and we see more and more people enjoying them in recent weeks, but unfortunately during this time we have also seen a number growing number of cases related to the socialization of people.

“We help our reception areas to be as safe as possible, and when outbreaks are business-related, we offer them advice so they can take whatever action is appropriate.

“Thank you to all of those companies who work so hard to protect their customers and their staff.

“With good Covid security practices in place, these places are safe for us.

“But I stress again that as individuals or groups of friends planning to meet, we can also help make the city’s bars and restaurants safer by passing our tests twice a week.

“If we all follow the rules correctly when mingling with each other, we can all help protect each other and help our city recover and prosper again.

“Even if you have received two doses of the vaccine, remember to follow the new behaviors that we have all learned.

“They are: keep your distance, cover your mouth and nose with a face mask – especially when shopping – use hand sanitizer, socialize outside where you can, and stick to the six-to-one rule. inside. ”

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