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Dead whale on Northumberland beach poses ‘significant health risk’ as people urged to stay away UK News

Beach goers have been warned not to approach a dead whale that has washed up on a Northumberland beach.

The Berwick Coast Guard issued a warning to residents and visitors to the town on Thursday, after the animal was found on the shore near Berwick Pier.

Northumberland County Council is now making arrangements to remove the body, posing a “significant health risk”.

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A spokesperson for the Coast Guard Rescue Team said: “Just after 10 a.m. this morning we were alerted … to reports of a dead whale on the beach north of Berwick Pier The Eyemouth Coast Guard was also responsible for this incident.

“Team members went to the scene where a 30-foot whale carcass washed up on the beach. It appeared to be dead for some time.

“Measurements and photographs were taken and the information passed to the receiver of the wreckage for further assessment.”

The spokesperson warned: “Decaying whales pose a significant health risk from bacteria and therefore should not be approached.

“Whales are royal fish and the property of the receiver of the wreck. It is a criminal offense to interfere with the carcass.

“Members of the public are urged not to visit or approach due to the health risk and potential risk of serious injury. Northumberland County Council is arranging for disposal of the carcass.”

The coast guard was also called on Wednesday for fear that a kayak could drift in the water.

A search has been launched, but no devices or objects of concern have been found, while no one has been reported missing.

The Coast Guard, however, praised the person who called the incident, saying they had done “exactly the right thing” by sharing their concerns.

“If you see someone in danger on our coastline, on the cliffs or on the water, dial 999 and ask for the coast guard,” the spokesperson added.

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