F1 prodigy George Russell explains why he’s happy to wait Car News

So, in his mind, is he ready to step up to the best of F1?

“Definitely,” he said without hesitation. “I believe in myself and I feel ready to fight for victories and world championships. I had the tall order in Bahrain last year, being thrown into the deep end without preparation and without laps in the car. I think it’s been proven how hard it is to jump between cars and pick up speed. I felt a long way from being up to it for this race, but we still managed to do a pretty decent job so I think I feel ready. Obviously. “

It’s a fascinating glimpse into Russell’s way of thinking. He did an amazing job in Bahrain, replacing a Covid-infected Hamilton in the short term, and seemed to be on track for victory when the team screwed up. But Russell made his mark.

“The weekend went well,” he said, “but I don’t think I played to my maximum. It’s okay if you’re trying something new. You’re not going to deal with it the first time around and that’s the position I found myself in. “

Some argue that Hamilton has always been flattered by cars and that Russell’s performance in Bahrain has shown that.

“The best drivers are often found in the best car,” he says. “There’s no question Lewis has probably had the best car in the last few years, but under tough circumstances he’s the one who doesn’t let go. He is the one who can sometimes pull something out of the bag. So it goes hand in hand. If you are a good driver you can often pull more out of the car, but if the car is good it also improves the driver. The package between them has been quite formidable.

As confident as he is, does Russell think he still has areas where he is weak?

“I wouldn’t say weak, but there are definitely areas where I need to improve,” he says with his usual candor. “Cars are constantly adapting and tires are changing. It’s a tricky sport, but I guess that’s what makes it so great. I think you have to learn to adapt. Definitely one thing I need to improve on, these are my first laps. It’s really weird because in my entire career – since I was eight years old – the racing boat and the early laps have been probably my strongest points. I’ve never been the top qualifier in my junior and karting career, but I’ve always been able to move forward. It was one of my selling points to Toto [Wolff]. Statistically, I have moved forward from my starting point. Since I entered F1, this is no longer the case.

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