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COVID-19: Boris Johnson “confident” British vaccines produced in India will not be a problem for EU travel program | Politics News

Boris Johnson is “very confident” that the UK’s use of jabs produced in India will not prevent Britons from traveling abroad – as German Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered the hope of travel to the UK. foreigner without quarantine for those who are double-bitten.

Better news has been given to Britons hoping to travel to Europe on vacation or to reunite with friends and family this summer, after Ms Merkel had previously been more adamant on EU restrictions on those coming from the UK.

It was reported this week that the German Chancellor hopes to encourage EU countries to ban British travelers from the bloc, whether or not they have received a vaccine.

She would have liked to designate Britain as a “country of concern” because of the spread of the Delta variant in the United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel stroll through Checkers Garden, the UK Prime Minister's country home in Buckinghamshire.  Photo date: Friday, July 2, 2021.
Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel met for talks in Checkers, Buckinghamshire

But, speaking following talks with Mr Johnson during the Prime Minister’s official retirement at Checkers, Merkel said: ‘We have taken some protective measures when we were not yet so familiar with the Delta variant. .

“We now see that the share of those with the Delta variant in Germany is increasing very rapidly.

“We are constantly reviewing our travel restrictions and believe that for the foreseeable future, those who have received double jabs will then be able to… travel again without going into quarantine.”

Meanwhile, the prime minister downplayed fears that millions of Britons could miss overseas trips this summer because their COVID injections are not recognized by the European medicines regulatory agency, the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

It has been reported that up to five million Britons would not be eligible for the EU vaccine passport program because the AstraZeneca injections they received were manufactured in India.

Some lots of AstraZeneca vaccine are not recognized by the EU medicines regulator
Some lots of AstraZeneca vaccine are not recognized by the EU …

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