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COVID-19: UK reports 27,989 more coronavirus cases – highest since late January | UK News

The UK has reported 27,989 more coronavirus cases – the highest number since the end of January.

The last time cases reached this level was on January 29, when there were 29,079. But on that day there were 1,245. COVID-related deaths reported, up from 22 Thursday.

Wednesday, 26,068 cases and 14 deaths were reported, and there were 16,703 and 21 at this time last week.

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The figures also show that another 141,216 people received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine and 175,749 others had their second vaccine.

A total of 44,860,978 people in the UK have received at least one injection, while 33,048,199 are fully vaccinated.

New data from NHS test and trace showed that last month, the number of weekly cases recorded in England had reached its highest level since mid-February.

A total of 79,248 people tested positive in the week to June 23, the highest since the week to February 17.

Another set of data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Thursday showed that around 385,000 people in private households in the UK have lived long COVID for at least a year.

This is 376,000 more than a month ago, with people aged 35 to 69 being the most likely to report the disease.

Long-term COVID is defined as symptoms that persist for more than a month after a person’s first suspected infection.

On July 19, England will move to the final stage of the government’s lockdown exit plan, when all remaining COVID-19 restrictions are expected to be lifted.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said two injections of a COVID vaccine would be a “liberator“for people wishing to travel abroad this summer.

He said details of the government’s plan would be revealed in the “coming days”.

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