Why breaking advertising rules is the best way to go Business News

Why breaking advertising rules is the best way to go

Advertising is everywhere, targeting us wherever we go. And yet we’re noticing less and less – 65 percent offer no return on investment.

Advertising that works is breaking the rules. It creates an emotional connection, it elicits a response, it’s culturally relevant, and it defies expectations by saying what you wouldn’t expect the ad to say.

The success of Who Wot Why is based on three fundamental principles: Passion, Truth and Craftsmanship.


WWW is looking for a Passionate Brand Point of View (PPOV) – every successful company has it. It’s the thing a brand passionately believes in that drives product thinking through to advertising. It tells your customers what you believe in a way that makes them feel something. This is your truth.


To find your PPOV, the folks at WWW immerse themselves in the brand. They see advertising not as an opportunity to lie or deceive an audience with smoke and mirrors, but to tell the true story of a brand. To do this, they create immersion sessions where they question a brand until it reveals its truth. They don’t neglect anything and talk to everyone. Once Who Wot Why finds this truth, the next job is to connect it. And that takes craftsmanship.

Arts and crafts

It’s what emotionally connects customers to brands. Who Wot Why believes that if you want to create advertising that people don’t just ignore, it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. Language and design are essential. They create emotional bonds between customers and brands that live on long after the rational message is forgotten. Designing, writing and directing films does not happen by accident. They come from passionate and committed people who love what they do, and that’s the key to Who Wot Why’s success and the fortunes of its clients.

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