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The era of electric vehicles is definitely here, and maybe even sooner than expected if potentially punitive Euro 7 pollution standards arrive in the middle of the decade. We’re all going to be electric car drivers sooner than we previously imagined, but it’s not a disaster. As EVs and infrastructure improve rapidly, much of the traffic we see in 2030 will seem familiar to you, liquid fuel will be plentiful (so expensive), used ICE cars will still be there and no one will. will force to sell that Triumph Stag or MGB you have hidden in your garage. Even so, we are poised to see the biggest, fastest and most costly change to the automotive landscape in the history of mobility. The trick is to make it work for you.

Answers to the big questions

Insiders insist the government has its best brains at work to provide answers to the following points. We look forward to seeing evidence of this …

Will gasoline and diesel cost more after 2030?

There is no certainty, but it seems very likely. Neither the government nor the fuel retailers will be interested in making gasoline or diesel cheaper when there are fewer customers for it. However, future users are likely to include low-income families, so prices cannot be increased too far. The Treasury currently collects almost 60 pence, plus 20% VAT, on every liter of gasoline.

How will the government compensate for the fuel tax it will lose in the age of electric vehicles?

Discussions so far have focused on various forms of tax designed to offset the estimated £ 30bn tax cut at a time when electric vehicles dominate. Road pricing has been suggested, as well as a charge on electricity accessible through road chargers, but nothing has yet been decided.

Do we know what types of hybrids will be allowed for sale between 2030 and 2035?

There are no clear guidelines yet, but it looks certain that post-2030 hybrids will need longer electric range than today’s – say 50-70 miles – and will need to navigate in zero mode. selectable broadcast in cities.

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