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COVID-19: What will ‘Freedom Day’ likely look like in England – and will it take place on July 19? | Politics News

It has been billed in some neighborhoods as “Freedom Day”, when life will return to some form of normalcy after more than a year of restrictions on coronaviruses.

As part of the fourth step of the government’s roadmap for easing COVID-19[female[feminine restrictions in England, currently scheduled for July 19, having been pushed back by four weeks, measures in various areas will be lifted.

Sky News is examining what will change specifically when this milestone is taken.

:: What does the roadmap say?

When Boris Johnson laid out his plan to relax coronavirus measures in February, he told MPs the fourth step would see the removal of “all legal limits on social contact”.

This means that there will be no limit to the number of people you can meet, both inside and outside your home, although some guidelines on this can be maintained.

In addition, the other businesses still closed, including nightclubs, should reopen.

Restrictions on large events, such as sports, theater, live music, and commercial events, should be relaxed, along with any limits on weddings and other life events.

:: Will the restrictions be lifted for good on July 19?

A final decision has not been made, but at the moment it seems more likely than not that will happen.

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PM: “Positive signs” for July 19

The rhetoric of the Prime Minister and his ministers, as well as media reports, strongly suggest that this is the direction of the trip.

On the latter, it’s always worth remembering that these stories don’t come out of nowhere, journalists are briefed and told by sources for a reason.

Rightly or wrongly, many of the decisions the government ends up making and the policies that ministers end up adopting are first reported in the media.

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