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Police launch anti-Semitism investigations after Jewish man was targeted twice on same night in central London | UK News

Police have launched two anti-Semitism investigations after a Jewish man was the victim of anti-Semitic abuse twice within an hour in central London.

Images circulating online show an anonymous man on a bus bound for Oxford Street at around 11:40 p.m. Saturday evening, approached by another passenger.

Metropolitan Police said he was the subject of a “torrent of abuse” at the time, with footage also showing the man’s life was in danger.

The force said: “A man allegedly made anti-Semitic comments and threats against another passenger on a Line 113 bus near Oxford Circus.

“Officers are aware of a video posted on social media following the incident and will meet with the victim to gather further information on this incident.

“Investigations are ongoing. There have been no arrests yet.”

In a separate video an hour later, the man is chanted by a group of young men or boys descending an escalator.

One man can be heard saying “F ****** hates you Jew”, while another says “We have a Jew behind us” before another remarks “there are about nine Jews” and the words “F **** ** hates you Jew” can be heard again.

Some of those who sang wore English bands, while others had the flag of St George draped over them.

In a statement, the UK Transport Police said: “We are aware of a video posted online of a group displaying anti-Semitic behavior on an escalator in the London Underground. We take these incidents very seriously and are investigating.

“We believe that everyone has the right to travel on rail and metro without fear or intimidation.

“If anyone has …

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