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What’s hot and what’s not? SMMT’s new car registration data reveals it all, so we looked at the most recent numbers to find out which are the best-selling new cars in Britain.

The latest numbers have shown which cars have attracted the biggest sales since the start of 2021, with some retaining a market stronghold against all odds while others making their way to the bestseller list for the first time.

Best-selling cars 2021

1. Opel Corsa – 24 399

Ford Fiesta’s perennial runner-up in the supermini category once again sits at the top of the overall standings, confirming its position as Vauxhall’s best-selling model in Britain – technically still its home market. The all new bases developed by PSA are sure to keep the nameplate in the top 10 bestseller list, with the new all-electric version boosting its popularity.

2. Ford Fiesta – 21,511

It’s not much of a surprise to see Ford’s supermini hanging out near the top of the standings. It’s the best-selling new car in the UK every year since 2009, but what is surprising is that demand has not declined more significantly after a drastic range overhaul in 2019 that has raises its entry price by almost £ 2000. Clearly, the Fiesta’s ability to combine efficiency, dynamism and charm is still a winning formula for a large part of UK buyers.

3. Volkswagen Golf – 19 608

The Golf’s comeback continues, as it climbs back to the peak of sales. The eighth-generation car represents a more radical change from its predecessor than any iteration since the fifth, and the evolution is indeed welcome. Improved dynamics and a drastically overhauled interior are the main changes, but improvements in economy and usability sweeten the deal.

4. Mercedes-Benz A-Class – 19 498

A surprisingly premium entry here from Mercedes, but one that makes a lot of sense considering the wide variety of drivers the A-Class would suit. With gasoline, diesel and now plug-in hybrid options on the list – along with an impressive array of specs and trim levels to choose from – the A-Class has become a real treat for people. The new A250e plug-in hybrid variant – with its 42-mile electric range and very low tax rates for fleet buyers – will also be a strong seller.

5. Ford Puma – 18 232

Well what do you know It turns out that building a car for one of the UK’s most popular segments with the foundations of the country’s most popular model was a smart move. The Puma has been on sale for just over a year, but is already proving a smash hit with buyers, likely due to its attractive prices and surprisingly lively dynamics. The ranks have swelled recently with the addition of automatic and lavish versions of Vignale and warm-blooded ST versions.

6. Nissan Qashqai – 16,482

When the Qashqai first arrived in 2006, it heralded the birth of the crossover class, which is now the most crowded and demanded segment in the UK. Even now, 14 years later, and with nearly 30 well-rounded opponents to fend off, Nissan’s midsize SUV remains king, and the all-new third-generation car is sure to spark renewed interest from buyers. .

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