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Boris Johnson today announced at a press conference in Downing Street that Freedom Day is set to go ahead as planned on July 19. This should mean that all pandemic restrictions in England will be removed, but will the tracking and traceability end as well?

The Prime Minister announced today that nearly all of Covid’s rules, including the capacity for people who can meet, will likely be lifted alongside the ‘one meter and over’ social distancing rule.

He said England was on track to host Freedom Day as scheduled for July 19.

The Prime Minister said face coverings will no longer be mandatory in public places and on public transport, urging the public to use common sense when it comes to Covid precautions.

He added that the rest of the hotel industry could also open up.

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Britons testing positive for the virus are contacted by app, text, email or phone.

They are required to give details of the people with whom they have been in close contact recently.

These people are then contacted and they must also isolate themselves.

Others can be contacted if they have checked in at the same location as a person who tested positive.


The NHS Track and Trace app may ping you if it is within range of another person’s app which then tests positive, it means you will need to self-isolate.

The Track and Trace system has recently come under criticism, with many Britons having to self-isolate despite not testing positive for the virus.

Despite this, Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps defended the system, he said: “If we hadn’t had the test and traceability system, we would have been in a much worse situation.

What restrictions will still be in effect after July 19?

Today’s press conference left viewers in doubt as to whether the Track and Trace system would still be applied.

Anyone visiting sites across England must register through the NHS Track and Trace service, and this is believed to continue after July 19, but not as a legal requirement.

Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson told reporters: “The advice will be that it is a good thing to do to support Test and Trace and contact tracing.

“But as more and more people are allowed to enter the premises without a reservation, it becomes more difficult operationally and the regulations will therefore be lifted.

“The regulations on things like table service would disappear, all capacity limits would be lifted after that, and on top of that, the assembly limits for the rule of six inside and 30 outside would be lifted. .

“The remaining businesses that are legally closed will be able to reopen, including nightclubs. “

Under current rules, it will still be a legal requirement to self-isolate if you test positive for Covid, but it is not clear whether your contacts will also need to self-isolate after July 19.

Schoolchildren who come into contact with a student who tests positive will no longer be forced to self-isolate, however, it was not clarified at the last conference whether this also applies to adults.

Social bubbles in schools must be removed after July 19, along with the need for students to self-isolate if they come into contact with another child who tested positive for the virus.

The need for children to isolate themselves within the bubble system has been extremely damaging to critics of education.

The government will continue to roll out the immunization program – it expects every adult to be offered a first vaccine by July 19, with two-thirds having received both doses by then.

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