Covid-19: Caroline Lucas denounces the abolition of the rules on face masks Brighton News

A Member of Parliament said the decision to leave the wearing of the mask to individual choice “risked high costs”.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas criticized the government’s decision to end the mandatory wearing of masks on July 19.

Ms Lucas told Health Secretary Sajid Javid that “other public health and safety measures are not left to the discretion” and that “allowing people to choose whether or not to put others at risk is both reckless and unfair “, especially in public transport. .

The Argus: Caroline Lucas said we must remove the rules on face masks "high cost risk"Caroline Lucas said removing face mask rules “risked high costs”

Sajid Javid said if he understood where Ms Lucas came from, “we have to learn to live with Covid”.

He added: “It means that these restrictions that were necessary until now, that we have at some point to face them and start removing them, and now is the best time to do that due to the defense that was built via the vaccine ”.

Yesterday the Prime Minister promised to tear up England’s coronavirus regulations in the next stage of the roadmap.

The so-called “freedom day” is expected on July 19, with the decision to go ahead or not made a week earlier.

At the Downing Street press conference, officials acknowledged that Covid-19 cases and deaths will continue to rise – albeit at a much lower level than before the vaccination schedule – but it was now necessary to find a new way to live with the virus.

As part of the Prime Minister’s plan for step 4 of the roadmap:

– There will be no limits on social contact, which means the end of orders such as the “rule of six” and restrictions on wedding guests and mourners at funerals.

– The legal requirement to wear face coverings will be lifted, although guidelines suggest that people may choose to do so in “confined and overcrowded places”.

– All remaining businesses will be able to reopen, including nightclubs, while capacity caps will be lifted and bars and restaurants will no longer be limited to table service.

Boris Johnson said he would wear a mask in crowded places filled with strangers, but suggested he wouldn’t do so in an empty train car late at night.

The Prime Minister said at the Downing Street press conference: ‘Obviously I will wear a mask in crowded places where you meet people you don’t know, as Chris (Whitty) said, to protect others and by simple courtesy.

“There is a difference between that, and I think anyone can understand that, and the circumstances where you might find yourself sitting alone for hours late at night on a train with no one else in the compartment and there. , I think people should have the right to exercise some discretion. ”

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