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COVID-19: New Health Secretary Sajid Javid Says “We Cannot Live In A World Where The Only Thing We Think About Is COVID” | UK News

Sajid Javid said we can no longer “live in a world where the only thing we think about is COVID” by warning that seven million people have not come forward with health concerns during the pandemic.

The new health secretary told Sky News the country needs to “take advantage” of the effectiveness of vaccines and “learn to live” with the virus.

“This is not a number of acceptable deaths, of course not,” Mr Javid said.

“What we are seeing is with the increase in the number of cases – and yesterday I said we could see a doubling in the number of cases by July 19 – we are not seeing a corresponding increase in hospitalizations and deaths.

“And that’s because the vaccine works, that’s what the vaccine is for.

“And we can’t live in a world where the only thing we think about is COVID and not all of the other health issues, not our economic issues or the challenges of education, and we have to use a vaccine that is happily working. “

The health secretary added that it was “shocking” to see “all the other health problems that have piled up” during the pandemic.

“Some seven million people did not show up during the pandemic to seek help from the NHS with their health issues – seven million people,” he said.

“Now just think about all the health issues that have been racked up and we need to prioritize them as well – it can’t just be COVID. “

Mr Javid’s comments came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed how he plans to ‘restore people’s freedoms’ in England during a press briefing on Monday evening, ahead of the final leg of his roadmap to exit the lock.

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